please stop


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 of you

i wish there was a place for me somewhere you weren’t

i think i hate you

i forgot i made these on the fridge and took pictures of them i was very drunk and sad

i drafted this post a while ago, delays on delays

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i am kinda at, like, i could throw myself down the stairs, but no one would see me

i am running out of things to destroy

resume title: low-level internet personality

kind of waiting for the next thing to knock me down

kind of waiting for the next thing to knock me down

thing i bought at american apparel today because alcohol and because job failure and because i tried it on and have eyes

affirm me

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hey if any of you who know me (mutual follow or better) wouldn’t mind texting w/me (or also apparently talking on google hangouts, or also no matter where you are, if you have iMessage, we’re good to go) lemme know? I’m in a weird place & am just, yeah. I’m not somehow alone in the world, which is cool, but also talking to someone would be cool. anyways!! lemme know.


an autobiography by me that’s me a joke i’m a joke dani is a joke a cute pretty joke we hate her stop her


the whitewashing of nail art culture fucking infuriates me


Brady Bunch season 5

jan’s shirt would make me look like a goddess as long as i wore heels

also okay but really though. Issa Lish & her head in profile, like a rounded square with a chin, long skinny neck head too big for it bad posture me me same same i love her!!

but also more evidence i have a look my personality doesn’t match with. but, that’s not a huge problem to have? like, she’s gorgeous. she’s not a tiny fairy and neither am i, though i am in my head. but i needn’t be, and the world won’t end? maybe.

i wish i had therapy every day. today i cried and expressed emotion and was really not thrilled with it but, the goal isn’t to make me be thrilled, it is in fact to make me uncomfortable, so. woohoo?